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Welcome to Teacher Internet Resources


This site was started back in the early 1990's and has undergone many changes over the rather long period. Each of the links takes visitors to a page with annotated links to a variety of internet resources that can be used in the classroom and at home by students, teachers and parents. The links on the top menu bar are for my two Ebooks and an about page that gives a little history of myself and this site.

Pages are updated on a regular basis as I find new resources on the Internet that are suitable for classroom use. There are also several pages for travelers and retirees, as well as a few pages about Indonesia - Bali, Sumbawa and Papua.

If you sign up for the RSS feed, you will receive updates on what has been added to the site. If you are one of the teachers that uses this site as a resource for quickly finding out what's available on the internet, the feed will keep you informed of what's changed. So sign up now. It's free and it's good for you as my mother used to say.

Thanks for visiting.


Updates - February 2015

The Bali Links page has a listing for a hospital that is used by some expats in Bali: another option for medical care in Bali. The Mathematics page has new links for teachers that want math games for interactive whiteboards.